EA Tapping Services LLC delivers safe integrity solutions for any applications you have. EA Tapping Services LLC provides hot tapping, line stopping, valve inserting and services for any pressurized pipeline system, anywhere in the world. EA Tapping Services is your choice for any pipeline service you need large or small. At EA Tapping Services we have the support personnel available and accessible 24 hours a day, ready to provide innovative customized solutions to your specific requirements.


EA Tapping Services comprehensive approach to your specific project needs means we will assist from beginning to end. When EA Tapping Services partners with you on your job we ensure your pipeline projects are completed safely and on time with the broadest range of quality products, services and technical capabilities available. EA Tapping Services is dedicated to providing you with all the resources you need to ensure the project is completed on time and finished with complete satisfaction so that you can focus on the other factors of your project.


Every member of the EA Tapping Services team is committed to giving you the best experience possible while working on the project. We combine a family closeness with the professionalism and experience to create what we feel is a powerhouse combination.

Jeffrey A Hogrefe

Our Founder

In the 1970’s, Jeff Hogrefe went to work for a company based out of Chicago. He worked with and was trained by some of the best in the business which specialized in wet/hot taps, line stops & valve insert services of large diameter pipelines for municipal sewer and water projects as well in steel mills, paper mills, and power plants throughout the state of Illinois and extending to the east coast. 

In 1980’s, Jeff Hogrefe formed Action Valve Installations, Inc. From the 80’s to early 90’s, Jeff was well known in the south Florida area as the go to guy to get any taps or line stops performed. He was well known by the whole community in south FL as well as all over the United States as the guy to get the job done, no matter what!  

After some time doing things on his own and working for other line stopping and tapping contractors. Jeff finally had enough and formed from a previous company. EA Tapping Service in 2010. He seen the lack of providing a quality service that he formed with his previous company and wanted to get the industry back to the service it required.

Growing EA Tapping Services over the years to a powerful player in the industry, Jeff left us to a better place in 2014 and leaving EA Tapping Services to his son Paul.    

Paul Hogrefe

Managing Member

Paul manages EA Tapping, guiding them towards a positive future and steering their ever-widening fantastic reputation further across the globe. Showcasing expertise in all areas of our industry, particularly with line stops, taps, and insertion valves, he is a go-to resource for heavy hitting contractors and large municipalities from Canada to the Caribbean. He grew up in the business and was around the shop as a boy, and has been ever since. He has helped set new standards in the industry that are replicated elsewhere. He has previously held positions of sales rep, sales manager, and technician, performing sales and field work simultaneously, as he does to this day. Paul is a very hands-on and active leader of the company, who holds a Florida Underground Utility license and utilizes the business management skills he honed in college to continue growing the company and ensure future successes. He enjoys boating, golf, and riding his motorcycle in his free time. Paul Hogrefe succeeds his father and founder of EA Tapping, Jeff Hogrefe, who is an inspiration for him and the company whose lasting memory guides the decisions Paul makes for the company’s future.

Stephanie Hogrefe

Managing Member

Stephanie runs the behind-the-scenes side of the business like a seasoned veteran of the construction industry. Her areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, company finance, logistics, and materials acquisition. She has an extensive business background and is a veritable jack-of-all-trades. A former scholarship student at 2 local universities, Mrs. Hogrefe spends her free time attending to her two dogs Riley and Fergie, and loves all things outdoors (the dogs do too!)  Stephanie and Paul were married on December 3rd, 2016.

Jason Rawles

Operations Manager

Jason has an expansive background in finance and business management, as well as vast experience in all realms of the beverage industry. He translates his understanding of what it takes to forge successful & long-lasting business relationships to positive growth for EA Tapping, now making his mark in an entirely new industry.

After studying business and economics in college, Jason operated a boutique brokerage firm, and subsequently managed multiple storefronts specializing in retailing fine wine, craft beer and artisan spirits. He has also consulted for the beverage industry world-wide, helped build and manage a successful luxury cruise travel agency, and brokered C-Level placements for International Banking conglomerates for an award-winning executive search firm. Jason enjoys traveling, cooking and snowboarding as often as possible.

Will Heilig

Sales Manager

Will has been a key force in sales for EA Tapping for over 4 years, but upon industry-specific discussion, it would likely seem like 30 years due to an extensive background in many construction industries. He grew up in a family of utility contractors and road builders and has been around it his entire life. Over 30 years in the construction industry in both utility and concrete construction have resulted in a broad network that he calls upon each day to move the company forward. Will was a state-certified General Contractor. He is a regular golfer, follows politics, and enjoys his family.

Jeremy Strickland

Sales Reprenstative

Jeremy Strickland is EA Tapping’s newest member and is now an integral part of our team. His primary focus is Sales and Scheduling. He has quickly proven he is fully capable of handling any demanding, sensitive, or critical task thrown his way. Jeremy has a successful, varied sales and customer service background.