Line Stopping is a means of temporarily inserting a plugging device to shut off the flow of an in-service piping system. Line Stopping can be used to isolate sections of pipe for repair, maintenance, or reconfiguration such as adding valves or replacing inoperable valves. If used with a bypass, work can be performed without service interruptions.


EA Tapping Services LLC manufactures a complete line of High-Pressure Pipe Plugging System for the temporary blockage of pipeline and pipe works wherever a valve is not available. Our standard system is designed for 1000 psig MAOP differential across the plugging head. The EA Tapping Services “Folding/Pivoting Head” is the product of decades of expert design enhancement and refinements.



  • Available in size ranges 1/2″ through 96″ diameters.
  • Featuring 10″ through 96″ folding heads, which allow line stops to be done using a smaller flanged fitting than the existing line size.
  • 150 PSIG maximum operating pressure with operating temperatures at 100°F maximum.
  • High Temperature/High Pressure Stops
  • Line Stop housings equipped with up to size-on-size by-pass connections.
  • Hot Taps and Line Stops
  • Tee stops and elbow stops
  • Double stops and 45° angle stops
  • Folding head line stops
  • Across-the-line stops
  • Multiple and simultaneous stops
  • Line crimps up to 4″


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